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Wherewolf your money goes

The money you raise will help fund lifesaving research. Research is essential if we are to better understand kidney disease and develop new and improved treatments and ultimately a cure.

Improving quality of life for children on dialysis

Dr Rukshana Shroff and her team at Great Ormond Street Hospital may have found a simple way to improve life expectancy and quality of life for children on dialysis.

Their study has shown that a newer type of dialysis called haemodiafiltration is better for children than conventional haemodialysis.

There are hundreds of children who undergo regular dialysis. This study may lead to the eventual adoption of haemodiafiltration as the preferred type of dialysis across the UK.

Changing the ways we transplant kidneys forever

A world-first breakthrough in kidney transplantation and first human trials, funded by Kidney Research UK, took place in 2012.

Professor Mike Nicholson and his team at Leicester pioneered the warm perfusion technique, which pumps oxygenated blood through donated kidneys prior to transplantation. This could reduce the transplant waiting list by 10-20%. Deborah Bakewell was the first person in the world to be given a kidney using this new technique.