31:10:2019 Halloween countdown

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Bake, fundraise and save lives this Halloween by putting on your very own bake sale. We will send you your very own fundraising pack full of ghoulishly good recipes.

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Louise was only eight when she found out her kidneys weren't working properly. "I remember being told but not really knowing what it meant. My mother describes how I didn't cry, I just lay down on her lap, still, listening and hugging her.

Kidney disease was part of growing up. I couldn't join in activities with other kids because it wore me out and I'd throw up. Instead, I had years of tiredness, pain and hours spent waiting for consultant meetings and tests.

But I became strong. I finished school, got my degree, met my fiancé and we travelled the world together. I knew what my dreams were and I was determined to achieve them. With careful management and a lot of luck, I made it to 28 before my kidneys got worse.

To live, I needed a transplant. None of my friends or family were a match. I appealed online for a donor - it was terrifying. My phone exploded with messages of support, including one from Kayleigh. We'd never met but she soon became a friend. And a match. Her kidney saved my life".

For every ten people in the UK, one is like me. But not all of them are as lucky.

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